Third Year

The third and final year of Team Social Studies is the Master’s Year.  Teacher preparation students will have graduated with their Bachelors of Secondary Social Studies Education, and will be pursuing their Masters Degree in Education.  This third year will  allow teacher preparation students to engage in advanced level graduate courses in Curriculum & Instruction, Educational Psychology and Educational Leadership.   Students will be required to take specific graduate level courses, including one course in teacher leadership, one course in bilingual/multicultural education, and one course each semester in educational research. Students will also have a choice of numerous elective courses they can take that will help further their knowledge and skill in becoming an effective Social Studies teacher.

Students will also have the opportunity to work in an internship within a selected school district.  This internship experience is designed to have Team Social Studies students helping to further Social Studies education in their particular school, by working with both students and faculty on programs such as Social Studies enrichment, National History Day competition, Use and implementation of schoolwide technology, Social Studies/Humanities peer tutoring, and other exciting opportunities.

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Class of 2015

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‘Third Year Experience”

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Neag IB/M Program Guidelines

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Neag IB/M Plans of Study (Choose appropriate Plan of Study for year and major)