Study Abroad

During their Master’s Year, the Social Studies cohort has the opportunity to study abroad in Nottingham, England for the Fall Semester. While there they will be taking graduate level courses and working in local schools as well as museums. The 2016 cohort is the first to participate in this program and they are currently in Nottingham until December. Below is a list of their school and museum internship placements:

School Internships- Rushcliffe School in West Bridgford, Willsthorpe Community School in Long Eaton, Carlton Le Willows Academy in Gedling, Nottingham Girls School in Nottingham, Minister School and Chilwell School in Nottingham.

Museum Internships-

  • National Holocaust Center- Interns will be developing educational materials and working with school field trips. They will be participating in several of the projects occurring at the museum and they will be increasing their Holocaust content knowledge.
  • Manuscripts and Collection at the University of Nottingham- Interns will be developing curriculum and educational materials for the teachers at the university. They will work side by side with historians and archivist to determine which materials teachers should use. They will be taking the available materials and developing lesson plans.
  • Boots Archive and Museum Exhibit- Interns will be participating in the creation of a new exhibit on the history of fashion and women’s accessories. The primary work for the interns will be developing the educational materials for the exhibit and will have hands on experience with primary sources.


Cohort & Alan in Nottingham                                 Cohort Travels to London


University of Nottingham Campus


In previous years, Team Social Studies had offered the opportunity for pre-service teachers and graduate students to partake in a two-week program visiting World War II museums and historic sites in Europe.  This program was offered every other May but has been replaced by the fall semester abroad during the Master’s Year.