Second Year

The second year of the IB/M Program crafts the “Student as the Teacher”. In the Fall semester, Team Social Studies students begin to immerse themselves into the methods of being a Social Studies classroom teacher.  They take required education courses examining the methods of assessment and instruction appropriate for middle and high school students.  Moreover, Team Social Studies students will take a 6 credit comprehensive course called “Methods of Teaching”, where they will learn how to properly develop curriculum, instruct a classroom, and work with students in the most effective ways.  The aim of this course is to help prepare Team Social Studies students for their teaching experiences in the Spring semester and beyond, by using a combination of literature analysis, research, independent and group work/projects, all while providing a challenging yet comfortable environment for teacher candidates to grow and develop their craft.
*Note: All teacher preparation students must complete their subject area major requirements by the end of the Fall semester


In the spring semester, Team Social Studies students will take a 2 week required Reading and Writing In The Content Areas course, where they will explore how to incorporate vital literacy skills into their appropriate classroom.  Students will then proceed into their Student Teaching Experience, where they will have the chance to use the methods and knowledge they have learned in a Social Studies classroom.  Students will continue in the same school placement they worked in in the Fall semester, but will transition from being an observer to a teacher.

This Student Teaching Experience lasts 12 weeks and carries until the end of the University of Connecticut school semester. Team Social Studies students will work with a Neag School of Education cooperating teacher that will guide them through the process of teaching in the classroom, and will provide these student teachers the chance to fully develop curriculum, instruct and manage their Social Studies classrooms.  Student Teachers will also be assigned a university supervisor who will provide regular check-ins, observe and review student teaching practices, and oversee the entire experience.  It is the intent of this experience for teacher preparation students to work in tangent with their cooperating teachers, supervisors, and Team Social Studies advisor to create a supportive network of resource and guidance for their developing practice.

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